our crazy BIG family

So four years ago I decided that I wanted to become a foster parent. why? why at 26 did I want to raise kids that weren’t biologically mine? Well I wanted to make a difference and how hard could it really be? I mean they are just kids… right?

After I became a certified foster parent, my 1st set of kids came! I couldn’t contain my excitement!!!! I was getting a 2 month old baby, 2 boys close to my sons age and a little girl! I always wanted a daughter. I was told the girl was a diabetic and all I could think about was pretty little bows and cute dresses!!!The finger pricks, shots and special diet didn’t even cross my mind.  My kids came home, I was scared, I was excited and I was so ready for this new life!!! My biological son adored the kids!! He finally had kids to play with. He wasn’t alone! and that’s what I wanted!!! wasn’t it?

First night home, I made pork chops corn and mashed potatoes! the kids are going to love it, well boy was I wrong! The plate of food was tossed across the table and the biggest  tantrum was happening at my kitchen table. What was I doing wrong? Am I sure I can handle this. This boy is 6 years old and calling me every swear word in the book, all because he wants cereal for dinner! What the heck was I getting myself into?

About 1 year later I was saying my goodbyes. All the tantrums the tears and sleepless nights were coming to an end. Two of my kids were going back home, the other two were staying with me. I didn’t know how to feel about this, this sibling set of 4 was getting split up. The older 2 get to go home to their parents, but the youngest 2 stay with me! I was happy that I got to keep the two but the guilt of the other two leaving killed me inside. What if the parents didn’t change? What if the kids have to come back? My biggest question was are they going to take this little boy that I had since 2 months away from me? Are they going to take this little girl who follows me around everywhere away from me? What is my son going to do? Am I messing him up with kids coming and going?

A few months after the goodbyes, I received another phone call. A caseworker needed a set of 3 kids to stay with me for a week. 2 girl ages 9 and 10 and a 2 year old boy. uhggg do I do it? Its only for a week but I have a camping trip to plan for. why not! a week will fly by and having older girls could be fun!!!!

Well those 3 kids that were suppose to go back a week later are now officially mine! The Babyboy that stole my heart with his adorable sassy sister are officially mine!!! I adopted 5 children and my biological son and I couldn’t be happier!

Does life get crazy? yes! am I overwhelmed at times? of coarse!!! between dance practices for 4 kids, 4 different basketball teams, soccer, and 4 different schools , I GO CRAZYYYYYY! But I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I have 6 very unique kids.

My mother adopted 2 kids on the same day I adopted my 5. She fostered me at 16. I’m not legally adopted but I’m hers!! Together we have adopted a total of 8 amazing kids! There is never a dull moment!!!! She will be writing about how she got started shortly!!!!!  So there it is, that’s how we got our diverse 9.



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