Black mom, white kids!!!

As we are walking through walmart , my daughter yelled ” mom we need more white people gel” and  I responded “grab some and make sure you grab some black people gel” The looks both my daughter and I received were crazy! Not bad looks but just confused people, like why would they call it white people and black people gel! In that moment I realized that this is the normal for my kids and I.  I wondered if they would always be so carefree about our unique family or at some point would they possibly get embarrassed.

When I was 16 I came into my foster parents (parents) home.  They are white and at the time had their 2 biological children and a black teenager and a black little girl living with them. I was honestly relieved to see that other black people lived in the home, especially because I was raised in the inner city (hood) and my new home was all the way out in the “country”. When my mom signed me up for school she said “I’m here to enroll my daughter into school” and she will never know how much those words meant to me. She didn’t think anything about it. I was her daughter the color of my skin didn’t matter to her! Going out in public my mom would get the looks, but I never really noticed them. My mom is white and I’m black! that was life!! and I loved it! When I began fostering children I would complain to my mom about the looks I received. People wouldn’t just look and look away they would stop what they were doing and stare. She told me that some people wouldn’t take in kids of a different race and that annoyed the hell out of me, I still don’t understand why, what does being black, white, purple, red, or blue even matter?

My kids and I love how unique our family is. My older kids get asked all the time how is she your mom, or how is he your brother?  Some days my daughter will say she’s adopted and at other times she will tell them that her dad is extremely white!!! My youngest daughter had to make a drawing of herself and she made herself with brown skin and said “see mommy I look just like you” my response was YES YOU DO.




2 thoughts on “Black mom, white kids!!!

  1. I love this post! My husband and I want to adopt in a few years and we have no care what so ever the color of their skin. We just want to provide a happy and healthy home for a child to grow up in. Its awesome to see your perspective!

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