I’m out numbered!!!!

I get asked all the time, how do I do it? how do I manage to raise six kids alone and still make sure they are in sports and all that good stuff!!! Well some days are easy… like when we are at home. At home I can send them to their rooms when they are bad or tune out the whining with the tv or honestly turn on some cartoons and do whatever I decide!!

Days like yesterday and today are when I want to pull my hair out and scream!!!! My oldest daughter had a basketball tournament this weekend. My mom kept two of the kids so I only had 4 of the kids. Well my one 4 year old does NOT listen at all in public! (or at home) I have two 4 year olds and the difference between the two is crazy! The second I turn to watch our team shoot a basket he’s doing exactly what I said not to do!!!!! I finally called my sister and she said she would take him overnight for me!!! THANK GOD because I was 10 seconds away from flipping out!!! Out of the 4 kids I brought with me I also had my diabetic. Diabetes at home and out in public is an entire different thing!! If you know anything about diabetes you know when the blood sugar levels are a little high it causes you to go to the bathroom….ALOT . Again, at home this isn’t an issue but out at a busy basketball tournament its a nightmare!!! Then poking her finger and giving her shots, and having everyone stare at us!!! makes my anxiety go through the roof!!!!

I’m happy to say I survived this busy weekend!!! but I’m not sure if I will survive next weekend!!! Friday my 2 four year olds have soccer practice from 5:30 -6:30, my daughter has a tournament at 6 pm and so does my other son at the same time!!!! 3 different places, 4 kids!!!! I AM DEFINITLY OUT NUMBERED!!!!!!!!




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